Who says a women can’t have it all!? I have been juggling a career, marriage, motherhood, blogger and still find time to share with you. 

Now it’s time to put on my entrepreneur hat…..literally.  So, please feel free to browse and support this movement by purchasing one of my first products. This is an accessories and products brand that is designed for women whose beauty can only be defined by oneself. Our products will compliment your own style, uniqueness, and confidence while embracing your individuality.

I define my own beauty by finding interest in the simple things in life. I make it my priority not to take these things for granted. I love the smell of coffee, sitting on my porch hearing the birds chirp, sitting by the fire pit, or just drinking a glass of wine having a casual conversation about life.

I am excited to share my experiences, triumphs, and even disappointments to those who can relate. My truth, your truth, our truth! A journey worth discovering. Together we are here to embrace our differences, challenge our weaknesses, and strengthen our spirits! I welcome you to this blog with hope that you find life, laughter, but most of all inspiration.

I love these hats I’m ordering every color!

Tanira W.

10/10 FOR SERVICE !! Packaged well and she made sure it was pretty and pink for the girlssss💗 Hats fit comfortably and really comes in handy when I’m on the go. Fast and cute!

Unique B.