Are you a hypocrite?

 Are you often hypocritical to others when it comes to certain things?
Someone who wants you to acknowledge their feelings, but has no compassion?
Maybe someone who says they do not believe in hearsay, but nosy as fuck?
How about someone who says they want to change, but not willing to accept their flaws?
Unfortunately, if you can relate to any these examples….. You are a hypocrite. I have come to realize, it is very hard to explain the truth to someone who is disconnected from reality.
Of course, it may take some time. But when you talk about change as a conversational piece, are you drawing attention to something else other than your current situation?
I believe to be truly honest with God, you have to start with yourself. Otherwise, what is your true intention? Are you trying to convince yourself or others?
I myself, am a working progress. I have learned the only way to be a better me……is to live by my word and my Faith. This way I am able to hold myself accountable for things others may not be aware of.


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