Will You Fight For Me?

mother and sonI recently had a reality check the other day. I asked my eldest son would he fight for me. Do you know what he said? “Well mom, you have lived half of your life already”. Really! Are you kidding me!? Geeesshh……

I immediately started to evaluate myself and analyze my past to figure out if in any way could I have enabled this thought process.

Growing up in an urban city, surrounded by gangs, violence, and drugs, I developed a natural instinct to protect my mother. I knew once I was able to have children of my own, I wanted better for them. Of course, we all do.

So when I became an adult and starting having children, I decided to move across town. We picked a location with clean parks, good schools, and quiet neighborhoods. It was very hard for me to adjust at first, but my daughter did not miss a beat which confirmed my decision.

With that being said, my children (I now have 4) has never experienced the same things my husband and I went through growing up. A bad day for them may have been standing in the corner with books, or writing sentences. I am sure they have stories for days about how creative I am with how I discipline. You gotta keep it fresh, ya know! Once a child gets use to the same thing over and over they will get bored and it would become standard like everything else. Oh, and yes….I do whip ass if I have to!

Overall, it was just a question I was curious to know the answer to, which brought other things to the surface. I would never question the love my children have for me or put to test any type of theory to contest their love because I’m sure it is unconditional.










2 thoughts on “Will You Fight For Me?

  1. Interesting post lovely. And interesting response from your son.

    We always want to protect our parents, but you should be proud of yourself for getting your kids away from any situation which forces them to feel like they have to protect you (if that makes sense ha)

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job lovely.

    Thanks for sharing x

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