Why Should I Be Devalued?

sad women Why do we always settle when we know we are worth so much more? Could it be that we have been treated as less than for way too long, that we do not appreciate our own true value? Maybe its a past relationship that has mind fucked us into believing that being second best is better than being last.  Maybe its because we always put our relationships and children first leaving very little for us.

I just have one question for you to answer. Do you enjoy being devalued?

I say hell no, fuck that! I want to be treated with the same respect and purpose that you do. I say give me the same raise you gave small dick Fred in accounting! Just because I wont let you rub my thigh on a business lunch doesn’t mean I do not deserve the promotion I earned.

Okay, maybe I had a long day at work or even a long work week, and seem to be irritable at times. That don’t mean you have to run to the first piece of ass…..talking about I ain’t giving you any attention. The fact is, I’m here taking care of our kids, cooking our meals, and washing your dirty ass clothes! Hell, if your lucky I might give you a little nookie, if you act right for once.

Ladies this is a call to arms. It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and let our voices be heard. “I am woman here me roar”!!! It’s time that we start putting ourselves first. We shouldn’t have to take a back seat to anyone anymore. IT IS OK!!!  At some point, you have to draw the line when you constantly sacrifice your happiness or your self-worth by pleasing others. You can still be a good mother, lover, and have a great career. We CAN have it all! So take it without any regrets!


4 thoughts on “Why Should I Be Devalued?

    • Wow where should I start. Finally sharing how I feel about something. Sometimes it’s hard for me to share my feelings about anything. Why is that? I know I don’t value myself lots of times lately.. It’s totally not fair to my own shelf.. I’m going through a lot, and not good on value of my life. Yes I am hurting inside.. Little sister Your such A Strong, Beautiful, Responsible, Very Hard Working, Mother and wife.. Because our Mom , Taught us Her Best. Especially taking of ourselves. I know she’s very very Proud of You too. Our Big Brother “James Earl Latham” Taught us also.. In his crazy Big brotherly ways. Well always remember no matter how tuff he was on us ,, He wouldn’t let no or No Body fuck with his Lil sister’s either. But he had such a great caring heart!! He Valued his self Every way possible!! Thanks for Being the Best big brother in the whole wide world!! R.I.H Jim- Jim ,😇😘🙏🙏. Never forget About our Grandmother Nana!! She definitely Valued all of our Family. Her and Pops.. So we learned from the best! Ok I’m not typing a whole book!! I feel lost without them all the time.. They would not like how I’m treating myself.. Matter of fact feels good to express on this Blog about this subject . Gotta fall back in line and get back right!! I no I can. Never ever Giving up! Thanks sis .. I Always Love You..

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      • Thanks sis! Your words are very meaningful and heartfelt. I have finally realized, this is my purpose of life. I will keep all of them with me as I explore this journey. Check out Final Farewell! I think you’ll like it.


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