Is It Possible to Save in Las Vegas?

I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to share what I have experienced on my second trip in Las Vegas! This post will tell you how to save and have fun at the same damn time!


I would say this is the hardest category to save in! You will definitely spend some coins in this area unless your traveling by yourself or have already bought airline tickets in advance at the airport itself.When we normally travel, I prefer traveling by car. I am definitely a sucker for road trips! I love watching fields, animals, mountains, and even the clouds moving above. Traveling by car brings me peace, stillness, and balance which is something very hard to come by in my everyday lifestyle. I also love to stop at the rest areas to have a quick bite to eat and explore a little, read maps, or maybe even making a friend along the way.I do not have very much experience with flying but we chose Spirit Airlines for the first time. Needless to say, I do not think I will not be selecting the same airline again. The airplane was a little smaller than most and the pilot did not show up after waiting for about 45 minutes for the flight back home. So, a substitute pilot had to come in to replace the original one. For this reason, I’ll give Spirit Airlines a 3 out of 5 stars.

Just because it is less expensive, it may not always be the better choice.While traveling the strip, I would recommend using public transportation (bus) rather than using Uber or Lyft if you do not have a rental. This will save tremendous coins for you to utilize elsewhere. A 24 hour pass can cost between $16-$24 each. Please be aware, even with a rental valet parking can get very expensive too.

Food & Drinks

My favorite topic! This is also a very important topic because with so many temptations in Las Vegas. You may need to prioritize your expenses to make sure you get more bang for your buck!The best way to save in this area would be a time share. This can be offered in most hotels before or during your stay. Just by attending an event which is usually a tour of an establishment. The company will then offer free dinners and entertainment after the tour is completed. This is for tourists only.Do not forget! Before you decide to gamble to ask if free drinks are offered. Free drinks are not offered in all casinos! I would recommend wine or beer. Usually mixed drinks are watered down and you would have to drink more than usual to catch a nice buzz.

Over all, we enjoyed ourselves in Vegas! We hope this post helps you make a more informed decision when spending your cash while having fun with friends or family.

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