Poetic Justice

Dear Kobe,

Dear Kobe Bryant, 1.28.2020

I would like to share a poem my son has written in honor of Kobe Bryant:

When I was seven years old, I really didn’t like basketball. But I watched my brother a lot, I really gave it my all. As I watched my brother play, I tried his moves and failed. But then when I practiced on my own, I succeeded and I followed your trail.

You were my idol as a kid and growing up, I got all my moves from you, and also like you I’ll never give up. One day I thought I would be able to meet you, but after I saw the news I knew that dream would never come true.

When I was eight years old, I updated my jumpshot to yours. I did a 1v1 with my older brother, I beat him 10 to 4. Then it was winter time, and I gave up the sport for a little. It was then winter time, and I couldn’t even dribble in small squiggle.

When I realized after the winter passed, I couldn’t do anything execpt dribble, I then decided to stop playing until I was nine years old, which was only a little

I was nine years old now, but I still didn’t play at all. The game Fortine had came out and it took my love for basketball. I played so much, I never got off. I was so addicted that I wouldn’t even say hi to my mom after her shift was off.

I am ten years old now, and I took basketball again. And I began to train on basketball again. When I heard the news that you died, I started to cry, but I already was, on the inside

I knew that if you went to the NBA after High School, I had a possibility that I could to. And I also knew that dreams could come true. Just believe, that’s all you have to do.

I will now train every day and not give up. Now today, I know that there is a such thing as luck.