Everyday Life

How Are You Holding Up?


Thank you for visiting. How have you been? Shit is crazy right now I know, but just hang in there and we will overcome this pandemic.

Since Ohio has been on lock down, I’ve been doing the most silliest things ever, eating weird snacks, enjoying my backyard.

I have learned a lot about myself during this time. The tolerance of my patience can be very thin to say the least and the self-care time I used spend with myself no longer exist.

This could either be the most tragic or resilient time of your life. You have to learn how to spend your time in a new way which could actually be a good thing depending upon your perspective.

I enjoy writing, making up games with my children and sitting in front of the fire pit outside thinking of new ideas.

Make sure you find time doing the things you love while staying home. Keep an opened mind of others who share the same space and continue to find new creative ways of how to spend your time in a healthy way. I often get ideas from my children who has an unreachable rim of creativity.

Stay strong, stay home, and be safe!

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