Poetic Justice

My Final Farewell

Have you ever lost a loved one or a friend and you did not get a chance to say goodbye?

The impact of emotions is so significantly hurtful, sometimes nothing else matters around you. You feel so deeply wounded, there are no man made creations on earth designed to help heal the scars left behind.

Being here on earth without the ones you hold so near and dear, there are constant triggers that remind you of the experiences you once shared and then realized how much eternal damage still remains.

You may ask yourself, “what would I say”? “Do you miss me, or do you still love me”? Perhaps even, “do you still think about me”?

Just bearing the thought, and even writing this post thinking about saying goodbye gives me a burst sorrowful feelings beyond my expression.

Is it selfish of me, not to be willing to accept this destination? Is this the final resting place?

Their lives are a fossil of special moments embedded deep within my heart to enjoy what I have left. Stories that I can tell my children and answer any questions they have of someone they once knew or never met. I will take you with me to live in my heart forevermore.

This is my Final Farewell. I love you.

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