Everyday Life

Girl You Got This!

Good morning ladies! Lets get it!!

I am going to start by being completely honest with you. When it comes to losing weight, I normally just put on my on waist trainer and wait for the pounds to drop on their own (as if they ever do). I’m so use to doing mom shit around the house, I just thought I was burning calories whenever I wash clothes, run up and down the stairs chasing after Lil Jojo, or just cleaning up after everyone. However, I have realized this shit ain’t working and I gotta do better.

Now before I work up to sit ups, bench presses, and suicides I’m going to try something small like stretching. I feel it is very important to take a nice stretch to get your blood circulation flowing and muscles moving! Stretching to relaxing music can be used as meditation as well.

Below are a few stretching activities that I already do when I cant make it to the gym. lol

  1. Washing Clothes – placing the hamper of clothes on the floor, so that I will have to bend over to retrieve every piece of clothing.
  2. Vacuuming – Extending that helpful dirt devil to get those cobwebs off of the ceiling.
  3. Mopping – Girl I don’t like it, but the swifter definitely comes in handy for those hard to reach places.

According to Harvard Medical School , stretching is good for keeping your joints flexible to minimize your pain. Hunty, your significant other won’t be mad either when he see how limber you have become. Girl you got this! These helpful tips will help you get started on becoming your best you physically. Please feel free to check out the link below for further details about stretching. Toodles!


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