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Are We Defined by Brands?

More times than often, I find myself having a casual conversation with other parents about the brands we buy or wear for ourselves and our children. So my question to you is, are you defined by brands?

For instance, Levis is a popular brand, but would you rather pay $45 dollars for one pair of jeans or would you rather purchase 2 pairs of jeans for the price of the one pair of Levis? Girl listen, the clearance rack is the first place I go! I just recently purchased the bomb jean jacket for $2.25. Some things may be out season, but if it is totally cute with a nice price, it’s mine! Now take that to the bank!

Nevertheless, I like some expensive things too, but it is not my priority to make sure that I have to have the latest thing out, especially at my age lol. Sometimes I just mix-and-match, dress-up dress-down… Well you get the picture right?

I try not to get to caught up in the brands I wear or buy my children either. Otherwise, what am I teaching them? There may be a time where circumstances may change and I do not want my children to learn the mentality of feeling less than just because of the clothing they wear, so I try to find a fashionable balance. Of course I buy them Jordans and Vans, but I want them to know that these items come with a cost and everything must be earned.

As my boys get older, I teach them about finances and give them options to make the best choice that not only fits their budget, but also defines their individuality. They cease to amaze me every time.

So parents here’s the challenge. Next time you go shopping for clothes give your kids and yourself a budget of $20.00 and expand your wardrobe. You define the brand, don’t let the brand define you!

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