Poetic Justice


A poem from my eldest daughter:

You know how in Movies when two people catch each other’s eyes and everything else doesn’t exist?

So crazy how beautiful your eyes are,

I would’ve never imagined the rage in the distance, 

Beauty is pain but is love?  Have you felt pain?

The sun can shine and I will still think about rain, 

What was God trying to say? 

 They say, when you meet your true love at least once, and if it’s really true you’ll never fuss, 

I yearned for a love that was nothing but a lesson,

I yearned for you to, ask my dad for his blessing for my hand in marriage,

I never thought after knowing you, I would be looking into your eyes can bring discomfort,

Was everything everyone was saying…..true? Yet I still want to say I do!  

What was God trying to tell me?

All I wanna know is is it worth my time? 

Why do I press decline all the time? 

Why I still feel like I’m one when it’s two? 

The way you do me I swear I will never do you, 

I wish I would’ve seen it coming, 

I’m in too deep, there is no running,

It’s hard to tell but isn’t hard to see? 

I think I know exactly what God is trying to tell me. 

-Unique B.-

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