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My Truth to Everlasting Love

I would like to tap into relationship goals and provide some tips on how to keep the love flowing in the household! Quarantine can definitely bring out the best or the worst in a relationship, so let’s try to find a balance to keep both partners happy!

My husband and I have been together for 17 years….whew! That may sound like a longtime, but we are still young and very much in love. Before I was married I was often told that marriage takes a lot of work from both partners….to say the least. I have put blood, sweat, and tears into this shit…okay. Sometime things can get a little rocky, but the overall love conquers if you are willing to do the work.

Listed below are 5 ways to help improve your relationship and to make sure your partner feels important.

Trust – This one is the most important quality and can be the core issue of other matters if it is not kept as a priority. Trust your instinct as well. If you feel like something is wrong, then it may possibly be. Do not be afraid to talk to your partner about your concern, just find the right approach.

Communication – Tevin Campbell said it best, “Can we talk”? That is the foundation of any good relationship. Whether you have something in common or a disagreement, you should be able to talk about it. Otherwise…you might want to rethink this whole thing!

Intimacy – Girl, if we ain’t got it, we ain’t got it! I need to know when I look at you I want to tear off all your clothes. And..get your head out the gutter! It’s not all about sex. Lol. It is the simple things like…caressing my hair while I am doing homework, serving dinner, or planning a date on your own. Oh…and when it comes to the D, everything else will just fall into place.

Support – I need to know whatever my ambitious are…good, bad, or indifferent…you got my back! Encourage and uplift your partner in a way that empowers them. Let them know that you care and you what to help in anyway.

Compromise – Listen. Let your expectations be known to have a better understanding from one another. Do not be too aggressive and overbearing. Fellas..this is where you can earn extra points. Handle with care and end the conversation with a hug…that always helps.

These tips can have a positive impact on your household. Enjoy one another and always remember to have fun and live your best life. Toodles!

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