Everyday Life

Virtual Learning Anyone?

Wow! Working from home while the kids are learning virtually can be so complicated. Our family room has turned into a make shift classroom with chargers, chalk, and chewing gum! I have children in elementary, middle, and high school all in the same room. Now, how fun is that? Not to mention my husband and I are working in the office in the very next room.

To give some since of normalcy of school, we have decorated our family room with posters, chalk boards, and learning graphs….well you get the picture. For some decorating ideas, please check out beautifullycraftedinteriors for more.

Here are some ways to help everyone to adjust to the new normal.


All the kids wake up at 7 a.m. not 6:55, not 7:05, but 7 a.m. They all have different appetites, so one wants cereal, one wants waffles, and the other doesn’t believe in breakfast, lol. Listen I don’t have to be at work until 8 in the morning so keeping up with their morning habits is terrible. My husband doesn’t wake up until 7:55 a.m. knowing he has to clock in at the same time I do. The mornings are just so funny. Okay, as the day begins I have to settle my spirit because I know at any given time one of the boys is gonna say “mom my chrome book is not charged”. Wheres the hubby you ask? He’s on his cell phone Tik Toking. The first week was the hardest by far, but the kids have really come together and started to embrace the “Its too damn early in the morning program” that I established. Hunty, wheres my coffee.

Electronic Devices

Girl I promise, if I hear one of my boys including my husband tell me again that they can not find their chargers, virtual learning is the last thing they will need to worry about. I try to keep the devices charged the night before and separated so they are prepared for the next morning. You would think it would be easy to plug it, unplug it, and store it. Not around here! They have their game chargers mixed with their phone chargers mixed with their laptop charges and not one can find the other. Sometimes, I feel like I’m working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy trying to figure this all out. The one thing that irritates me the most is having them plug up their chrome books to an extension cord. I have to watch my step to make sure I don’t knock one of the kids power out while the teacher is giving a presentation. Wheres the hubby you ask again? On his phone Tik Toking.

Lunch Time

Lunch time is not that bad. All the kids no how to prepare their own meals. Yup, pizza rolls, hot pockets, and sandwiches are always on the menu. I keep it all balanced with a little fruit and veggies and a small snack. No rest for me however, I’m on my second cup of Java. This is where my husband comes in real handy. When the kids are finished eating he goes on his lunch and cleans and starts preparing for dinner. I actually enjoy lunch time. I get to hear my kids laughter and discuss the trends of the day while my husband finally puts the phone down and does something useful.

Early Dismissal

Girllllllllllll!!! They start signing out one at a time. First, its the high-schooler, then comes the middle child, and last but certainly not least is my baby. I know when school is about to be out because they all start making Fortnite plans and establishing which foods they about to trade with one another. They never mention chores but that is okay, they’ve had long days as well.

We have had to accept this new normal and quite honestly I really enjoy it. I know the kids are always here and it may feel like there is no me time. However, I wouldn’t trade my kids safety and health for anything in the world. This current pandemic has really had a devastating effect on many families across the world. I send my deepest and warmest thoughts and prayers to those effected. If we are too look for anything positive from such a crippling pandemic it is that family and time keeps you grounded so cherish them both. Toodles!

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