Breakfast in bed?

This post is not just for married couples. Although, my husband and I have been together for a longtime, we still like to do small things for one another such as: writing short notes, sending flirty text, or just making sure we acknowledge what the other one does. Breakfast in bed is the best! I know when he wants to cook me breakfast, I must of done something special to make him happy. Not a slice of toast or some fruit. I talking about, potatoes, bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes with whipped cream!  Oh, and honey…..when he scrambles my eggs with cheese, the sex must of been awesome. I love when he caters to me, it makes me want to be a better wife to him and a better mother to my children. Especially, if he can put up with my nonsense!

We like to give each other reminders that we are still in love.
Now, there are some down times of course. We may argue or get on each other’s nerves, but the loving gestures help us make it  through.

For the ladies, let’s not forget our “Fuck em Dress”! We all have that cute ass dress, or even if we need a new wardrobe! Go for it! We are constantly working, taking care of others, or just simply being a mother…..we sometimes neglect ourselves unknowingly. Take some time to pamper yourself (hair, nails, toes, makeup etc) to remind your man of who he fell in love with and that we can still snatch a ni**a if we wanted to!
For you fellas, always make time for your girl. Remind her of how important she is to you, how charming you can be, and how you can hold that shit down in the bedroom! Tap your edge up and put on a fresh fit to surprise her with something special. And, not that same shit you wear more than once during the week!